lake august


A LOVE of land, sea and sky is reflected in the work of the textile line Lake August. Whether observing a tangle of agave and nasturtium plants or admiring the grace of geese over water, designer Alexis Hartman finds endless inspiration in the natural world.

THE FOUNDATION of the Lake August brand is in the beauty and integrity of well-made things. With each pattern, product or collection we continue to explore natural materials and traditional techniques.

OUR WALLPAPERS utilize recyclable clay-coated papers that come from the first mill in the USA to receive Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody Certification, and that manufactures using 100% renewable energy.

OUR LINEN comes from a five-generation family-owned Belgian manufacturer that upholds a tradition of farm stewardship, natural cultivation and sustainable production. Linen grown in that climate is easily grown without the use of pesticides and requires no irrigation and minimal soil enhancement.

OUR CREATIVE PROCESS is one that always starts with a pencil or paintbrush. Patterns are translated from drawings, paintings and hand-carved blocks into silkscreens, and then screen printed by hand onto wallpaper or fabric, using water based inks. All printing is done in the USA.

A portion of each sale supports The Center for Biological Diversity.

Please note about our wallpaper - Our papers are printed by hand and arrive untrimmed. We strongly recommend that our papers be installed by a professional wallpaper hanger, and we are not responsible for errors from paper installed otherwise. Sales are final except in the case of goods received damaged. We would love to hear from you - please don't hesitate to get in touch with any comments or questions.